A return to the past, old cars, colonial houses, decoration anchored in the 50s. Cuba maintains intact its lifestyle marked by dictatorships and political revolutions.

It is the center of the Caribbean, its capital. Cuba is the entrance to Central America. In the mouth of all the television news and the basis of every revolution, Cuba has forged misfortunes and has grown between wars. They are part of this, it makes them strong, a lot. This is perhaps what catches us. Is it true that they live like this? Can communism mark a country so much and let it perish while keeping it on its feet? You have to see it, you have to live it, you have to talk to them.

Just a simple walk through the streets of Havana, between colonial houses of the 50, to capture their lifestyle. A remarkable cultural level, which makes you forget the atrophied environment that surrounds you. Houses destroyed, no money to fix or you have to wait a long time to save enough, old cars that are losing parts after the potholes of the poorly paved streets, lack of lights, stores, life. Or not. It is enough a simple walk, to forget all this, to absorb the life that Cubans refract. There is no poverty, everything you can find with a virgin look is a great fortune. Spiritual well-being, faithful, sensitive. There is no money to live, but there is life to pay at the time. It is an infinite debate, communism vs capitalism.

Even if you have your opinion formed, free it and talk to them. There are surprising visions, new ways of seeing things, collapses of sincerity. Infinite love-hate.

Part of their culture, of course, is music. Wherever you go, you will find it. With the guajiro point as the basic genre, the music sounds tireless, the musicians unalterable, in the streets, in the squares, in the bars and restaurants, on the beaches. The Cuban son will be able with your soul and with your hips. Do not repress, dance.

Another important point of the island is its beaches. Pick up any Cuban family on the way that you find wanting to reach its crystal clear waters. Your form of transport is this, cooperation between drivers, yes, you do not need the pesos that usually pay for the journey. And rest, dive, expel your capitalist airs and enjoy the eternal rest that their beaches bring.

We do not talk about the cays that own resorts, they do not contribute anything to the island, nor to the visitor. Get lost by the thousands of beaches that you will find on any road around the island. From the beaches of Bahía Cochinos, which observed stationary military invasions, to keys such as Jutías, Coco, Saetía that enjoy long sandy beaches and untiring life. They all have something, they all have someone.

Something that little is said about Cuba is its nature. In the area of ​​Viñales, surrounded by tobacco fields and intense greens, hundreds of mogotes emerge, characteristic small mountains, seen only in countries such as China or Malaysia. Several national parks, many waterfalls and large caves with small hidden lakes where you can bathe, make natural Cuba a great place to explore.

Cuban architecture shows the mixture, varied and marked by different periods, forts and Spanish castles, colonial houses highlighting the influence of who conquered other people’s land. And the eclecticism that the Republic of 1902 brought, creating great Cuban icons such as the Capitolio or the great Theater of Havana.

So enjoy the colors muted by time, the rum, the aimless walks along the boardwalk, art, cinema, theater. Absorb the Caribbean airs and leave everything behind. And leave something.


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